Finest trombones from ELBBLECH.

Hand-selected premium trombones, lovingly overhauled in the workshop and tested by professional musicians.

King 2b Silversonic Tenorposaune


Bach 42T Tenorposaune mit Quartventil Thayer


King 7b 2107 Bassposaune


Mundstücke für Posaune von King Conn Bach Denis Wick Kurun Gilbert Schilke Mt Vernon Yamaha Arnolds Sons


Workshop-tested instruments

30-day return policy

2 year guarantee

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High quality used trombones.

Workshop overhauled and tested by a professional musician.

Would you like to buy a used trombone?
Then you are right here. ELBBLECH is the second-hand trade for trombones, you will not find such a large and exquisite selection anywhere else.
ELBBLECH is the second-hand trade for trombones, you will not find such a large and exquisite selection anywhere else.

All trombone models that played a role in the 20th century, but also the latest top models, you will always find in my offer.

The classics that I offer are mainly the best instruments from the companies King, stream, Conn. Also regular models from cool, Edwards, Yamaha, Rath, Williams, Martin, Olds and more.
Since the demand is great, the offer changes again and again. You are welcome to sign up for the newsletter and thus always be up to date. In this view you always see the latest instruments. Also, it is possible to describe to me through this page exactly what you are looking for. I will contact you when I have the right item in stock again.
If you want to sell instruments to me, give them on commission or exchange something, please use this page.

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Each instrument is checked by hand by me as a professional musician.

2 year guarantee

30-day return policy

As a professional trombonist, I have certain requirements for a trombone. It has to sound good, work well and be in good condition. Good looks are not a disadvantage either.
That’s why all ELBBLECH instruments are freshly overhauled:
The trains are always cleaned and straightened, any damage removed. Each blemish is precisely documented and stated.
After that, each individual instrument is played by me personally.

I also offer a 2-year guarantee and a 30-day right of return If, contrary to expectations, you are dissatisfied with the instrument, you can return it without giving a reason, after consultation. You will receive a return slip from me free of charge for returns.


Trombone treasures from all over the world

The idea of ​​ELBBLECH is basically very simple. As a trombonist, like a kid in a candy store, I wanted to have all the great trombones I could think of in one room.
What was the trombone section of the world’s largest music store in New York City in the 1960s? I don’t know, but I imagine that all the world’s “trombone treasures” were lined up there, waiting for interested customers. I would like to create something similar.


CO2 neutral shipping

Recycled and/or recyclable packaging materials

Not only is it important to me to deal fairly and equitably with customers, but also with my business partners and nature.
That’s why I made the following decisions for my company:

    • The instruments are repaired by local, professional brass workshops. This is how I ensure that work of the best quality is always done at fair wages.
    • As a shipping partner, I work exclusively with DHL. Compared to other German logistics companies, DHL pays the fairest wages, has the lowest damage rate and is also a faster and more reliable partner overall. All shipments are sent with the DHL program “GOGREEN”, i.e. climate-neutral.
    • The insulation material of the packages is always either 100% recycled or 100% recyclable.
    • By participating in the “Interseroh” dual system, ELBBLECH in Germany is helping to achieve higher recycling rates.
    • For our banking transactions we use the GLS Bank, Germany’s most sustainable bank.


What do the solo trombonists have Olaf Ott ( Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra) & Simone Candotto ( NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra), New Yorker Jazzstar Josh Roseman, Johnny Johnson, who plays with Jan Delay and pack, the Munich University of Music and Theaterand Youtube’s most famous trombone influencer Paul “The Trombonist” Nowell together ?
– They are all our customers.
But not only these stars belong to it, but also many ambitious amateurs, music clubs, music colleges and professionals of all musical directions.

Read some reviews for yourself:

“I’ve already bought four really great historical trombones from Elbblech and I’m super satisfied.
Absolutely recommended!”

Ottomar about

“Top goods, fast and serious processing, good and fair customer service”

Thomas about

“Very uncomplicated and above all fast processing. Unresolved points are at best answered in emails. Customer-focused, customer-friendly and quality-oriented. Shipping quickly and with good protections for the instrument. Very special instruments, some of which are rare. The condition of the used instruments is not embellished but honestly described. Visibly careful handling of the instrument so that nothing has to be overhauled when the shipment arrives – everything is well greased and in good shape. Overall very satisfactory! I would order something from Elbblech again in a heartbeat!”

Jakob K. above

“Very competent and friendly advice.
The fact that Mr. Being a musician himself, Eilers helps enormously when deciding which instrument to choose. I have already bought 2 trombones from Elbblech and I am very satisfied with them.
Gladly again.”



Felix Eilers

Professional musician and founder of Elbblech

Tobias Wagner

Master instrument maker

Karl-Friedrich Günter

Master instrument maker



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