Have you sold a trombone or would you like to return an instrument under our 30-day return policy?
No problem !
Here are a few tips to ensure shipping is worry-free and damage-free.

1. First of all, it is important that the bell is properly protected. Stuff it with bubble wrap and firmly stuff the space in front of the bell with bubble wrap. In most cases you get 1-3cm of bubble wrap between the bell and the case padding. The case’s own padding is usually not sufficient, especially for valve or bass trombones. Also remember that no small parts (mouthpiece, marching fork, pens, etc.) can fly around in the case. Secure in the compartment or deliver outside of the case!

2. Also secure the Slide from movement. He shouldn’t be able to move in the train compartment. Also make sure that the upper part of the bell cannot hit the case at the height of the tuning slide.

3. The box itself should be large enough to allow the instrument case to be padded all around. First put a thick pad. Strong wrapping paper, packaging flips or solid, high-quality bubble wrap are suitable as padding material.

4. The bell side of the case also requires special attention in the shipping carton. A thick layer of wrapping paper, packaging flips, or strong, high-quality bubble wrap is optimal.

5. Completely fill the box with insulation material. Nothing should move in the box. Feel free to squeeze the insulating material together. There should be no air pockets.

6. Close the box. Use packing tape for this. Two slightly offset adhesive strips increase security.

7. Once the box is sealed, rock it back and forth to check that the trombone case really can’t move and that everything is secure inside the case too. Agility can be felt and heard.


Shipping Prices

European Union13.9948.9973.99
Rest of Europe26.9962.9990.99
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