Instrument Request

Would you like to be notified when a new bass trombone is on sale? Are you waiting for the next Conn 88h, a King 3b or a completely different model?

Not only do we have a huge selection, we also have access to many rare and sought-after trombone models.
Whether alto, tenor, or bass trombone - choose what you are looking for here. You will receive an email as soon as something suitable is in the program.

  • french horns
  • Trombones
    • Bass trombones
    • Tenor trombones
      • Tenor trombones with fourth valves
        • Big shank
        • Small shank
      • Without fourth valve
        • Big shank
        • Small shank


Shipping Prices

European Union13.9948.9973.99
Rest of Europe26.9962.9990.99
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