Gewa Reingungsdüse Posaune L und Bariton

Gewa Reingungsdüse Posaune L und Bariton

13,50 inkl. MwSt

13,50 inkl. MwSt

3 in stock

  • Präzise gefertigte Reinigungsdüse für Posaune mit kleinem Schaft und Tenorhorn
  • Brand: Gewa
  • 13,50 inkl. MwSt

    13,50 inkl. MwSt

    3 in stock

    • Präzise gefertigte Reinigungsdüse für Posaune mit kleinem Schaft und Tenorhorn
  • Brand: Gewa
  • Über diese Düse:

    Eine praktische Düse, um das Instrument gründlich von innen zu reinigen.

    • Für Posaune ( großer Schaft) und Bariton
    • Pflegen Sie Ihr Instrument zum Werterhalt und für Ihre eigene Gesundheit
    • Länger nicht gereinigte Instrumente werden zur reinsten Keimschleuder. Nicht nur werden Sie unansehnlich, sie sorgen von schmerzhaften Pickeln auf den Lippen bis hin zur sog. Saxophon-Lunge.
    • Der Adapter lässt sich auf jeden Duschbrause- und Gartenschlauch anschließen.
    • Aus Messing.
    • Das Mundstück sollte man mindestens einmal in der Woche säubern, das Instrument ca. einmal im Monat.


    Felix Eilers

    Professional musician and founder of Elbblech

    Claus Popp

    Master instrument maker

    Tobias Wagner

    Master instrument maker

    Karl-Friedrich Günter

    Master instrument maker

    – Yes, by appointment in Ratzeburg. There is no shop.

    – That’s me, Felix Eilers, a professional trombonist by trade. I studied in Hanover, Rotterdam, Groningen and New York City and have a master’s degree in jazz trombone.

    – Yes, that is possible without any problems. When purchasing the instruments, you always have a 30-day right of return. During this time you can try the instrument in peace and, if you don’t like it, send it back without giving a reason. Please ALWAYS contact us before making a return. Thanks !

    – Yes, feel free to contact me via this page if you have something to offer.

    – Yes, I can be reached at +49 176 576 10 172

    – Generally not, as mouthpieces are a highly individual matter. If a mouthpiece is included, I write it explicitly in the item description. If you need a mouthpiece, I have a large selection. If you have any questions, please contact me.

    – As a rule, all instruments are overhauled and / or workshop serviced. I only sell instruments that are in such good condition that I would use them professionally myself. If an instrument is not directly playable, I will clearly state this in the item description.

    – I deal in instruments that I am enthusiastic about myself and that I can recommend with a clear conscience. These are almost exclusively professional series from the largest and most exquisite manufacturers.

    – Yes, in the past I have shipped to almost every country in the EU, Russia, the USA and Asia. If you have any questions about shipping, please get in touch.

    – My customers say: “Yes !”. On Ebay, for example, I have over 300 positive reviews, 100% of which are positive and 5 stars in all subcategories. As a professional seller and trombonist, I make every effort to ensure that you, the customer, are satisfied.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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